Success Stories

Telecommunications Audit and Recovery

 Fact: It is estimated that more than 60% of carrier invoices are incorrect

  • Success Story: Financial Services Firm – We conducted a wireline audit and secured a refund of $208,000 from a carrier for a client for incorrect billing.
  • Success Story: Hospitality and Entertainment Company – We find billing errors and secure credits every month from one of our current client’s largest carriers.

Service Evaluation and Transition Support

Fact: Carriers are currently increasing tariff rates dramatically on Copper Lines services such as T1s, POTS, Centrex, etc.

  • Success Story: Hospitality and Entertainment Company – We converted existing lines to a different line type, without disruption or reinstallation and reduced cost by 67%.

Mobility Management

Fact: Wireless carriers are continually updating cost structures and cellular devices must be carefully managed to prevent fraudulent charges and cost overruns.

  • Success Story: Transportation Services Company – Through continual monitoring and management of wireless carriers, devices and services, we have reduced client per-device cost by 65% while introducing new technologies and converting remote offices from landline to more flexible cellular networking.

Contract Review and Negotiation

  • Success Story: Hospitality and Entertainment Company – We conducted an RFP for all voice and data services and succeeded in reducing client spend by 35% without changing vendors.
  • Success Story:  City Government – We conducted an RFP for a centralized VoIP phone system and completed installation for $80,000 under budget.

Business Process Review and Redesign

  • Success Story: We worked with a multi location, multinational corporation to centralize IT purchasing and more accurately allocate costs, reducing IT operational costs by more than $3M/annually.