About Us

Linda Barnes has spent 15 years in the healthcare industry, and over 25 years in telecommunications and IT consulting.  Her combination of experiences as both a buyer and supplier provide companies with a unique set of skills useful in the sales and negotiation process, expense management and achieving operational efficiencies.  In addition, Linda has provided business process consulting and has achieved real financial returns for companies such as ClubCorp USA, Inc., Centex Homes, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Penson Financial, and the American Heart Association.

Richard Barnes has over 25 years of experience with companies such as Oracle, where he led the Western U.S. Commercial Region in services sales, business development, and product implementation as Group Vice-President.  He offers world-class experience in market strategy, project execution, and aggressive revenue realization.  Richard’s strategy development, sales management, and operations experience span working directly with the customers of such companies such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, Computer Task Group, and Varolii.  He has provided direct high value strategy, advice and execution skills to numerous organizations including  McDonalds, Boeing, Intel, Citi Group, Delta Airlines, and many others.

Why Call Us?

We have a proven track record in resolving multiple challenges by:

  • Providing dedicated and skilled resources to isolate, identify and solve business operational issues.
  • Applying tested solutions to reduce and control IT costs and management of IT functions.
  • Improving performance in the areas of business development, profit maximization and customer satisfaction.